Services Offered to Inmates:

stick_figure_chosen_from_many_800_3226 (1)figure_praying_5961holy_bible_text_11021coffee_and_news_800_clr_13653

  • Discipleship through inmate led Bible Studies and Prayer Circles
  • All For HIM Ministry Newsletter
  • Prayer Requests Received by our Prayer Team


Services Offered to Friends and Family of Inmates:

  • All For HIM Ministry & Abundant Life Prison Wife Facebook Pages
  • Blog Postings on Christian Living
  • Helpful Resources
  • Prayer

Services Offered to Organizations, Ministries & Churches:

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Bible Studies

Feel free to contact us on this webpage, Facebook pages or in the mail.  We would love to hear from you as we serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our names are Donnie and Genie Ojemann, servants of Jesus Christ our King.  This ministry is about sharing the Good News of Salvation to any who will receive.  We are two people who have accepted the invitation from the Lord to serve Him where we are.  In unity of spirit we share the gospel of Christ through Bible Studies, writings and speaking engagements.

“We have found the strength to overcome in God’s love” – we would love to share His love with you today.  We pray this seemingly simple yet powerful revelation in our lives helps others that are out there struggling. We’ve known what it feels like to try and fail. But now we know what it feels like to overcome and please our Father above.

Donnie & Genie Ojemann

All we are, all for HIM

Note: we will not post any confidential information about you or your families on our web page, Facebook pages or booklets – we honor your privacy.


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